General Return Terms

  • Order retention period is 7 days, starting from the moment it is received from the shipping companies.
  • Returns are to be sent through an authorized carrier.
  • The refund will be processed two weeks after the order is received.
  • Refund calculations apply when the payment method is Visa or external transfer.
  • If the order is damaged, the sender is responsible for it.
  • The customer is responsible for paying the shipping cost both ways, even if the shipping is free. The deduction upon return is 3.5 Omani Riyals within Oman, and the payment upon receipt is 6 Omani Riyals. For shipments outside Oman, the charge is 7 Omani Riyals.
  • The customer is responsible for any customs fees that may be imposed on the shipment or return in some countries due to customs clearance.
  • The latest date for returns is 7 days from receiving the goods.
  • Cash refunds will not be given at the store for any reason.
  • The account must be the same account from which the order was deposited.
  • In the case of cancellation or partial cancellation or exchange, the product cannot be canceled or exchanged, and the free product cannot be obtained.
  • The customer has no right to return or exchange one product only without the other from the “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” offer.
  • Perfume Boulevard has the right to refuse the return of this offer if there is a reason for it.


If the goods are incense and the shortage exceeds one gram, it is calculated by the gram price compared to the price of a “tola.”


  • If the goods are oud, they must not be broken or soaked in water under the pretext of confirming that they are authentic and of good quality.
  • Oud sticks should not be stored with any fragrant substances, such as “maamoul” or other volatile fragrances that may spoil the oud.

Return Conditions

Oud Oil

  1. Do not adulterate the oud.
  2. Do not mix it with “bord” or any other extract.
  3. Do not replace the original containers.
  4. If purchased in bulk, one container should not be filled in quarters.

Wooden Stick

  1. It must not be broken or soaked in water under the pretext of confirming its authenticity.
  2. Oud should not be stored with any fragrant substances such as “maamoul” and others.
  3. A 2% oud trial is allowed. If the percentage exceeds 2% during the trial, the wooden oud cannot be returned.


Natural rosewater cannot be replaced or returned, even if the package is unopened, due to its sensitivity to various factors.


Returns and exchanges are allowed within 7 days.